Get 30-day access to me to solve that one pressing issue you’re struggling with

  • Stuck with a pressing Sugar Baby issue?

    Struggling to get headway?


    Are you upset over a persistent issue that you don’t have a solution to? And totally clueless about finding your way around it and getting past the tricky roadblock?


    Maybe it’s about your allowance. Or you’re not able to handle negotiations on your own.


    Or your profile’s attracting the wrong men and your messaging is failing to hit the mark of reeling in genuine Sugar Daddy’s.


    Or it’s about another girl in your Sugar Daddy’s life. Or maybe just something else, that is particularly complicated and intense.


    You tried a bunch of tactics to get past the situation but nothing really worked and you’re still stuck.


    You don’t know whose doors you should knock for help. You feel alone, lost and halfway out of the game.


    If you have been at this for a while or not sure how to implement a certain action... I am here to find the solution to your most disturbing problem even if you feel it’s too complicated to even have a solution.


    And if that resonates with you then my Sugar Daddy Decoder is exactly the plan you need right now.

  • All the things I was struggling with? Solved!

    Before working with Taylor I had some ideas, but no idea on how to make them happen - and no idea if they were the right approach. I lost myself in researching about how to make this work as a sugar baby that I only confused myself more. And felt as though I would never achieve what other girls were getting. Then I decided that the Sugar Daddy Decoder was right for me and suddenly things changed! She outlined for me the opportunities I hadn’t seen yet.

    All the things I was struggling with? Solved! I got sooooo much clarity, and confidence. She gave me a plan to execute. Actually a plan that consisted of what to say, how to say, when to say, and what to say when things go off course. It worked. And now that I have these scripts I will be able to tweak it to others. Michelle

  • What if you could…


    Stop feeling confused, doubtful and start taking the action that ensures you get your much-deserved success?


    Stop being constantly nagged by your own inner voice over your choice to be in this lifestyle.


    Move past your insecurities about your supermodel-unlike looks and focus at the matter at hand- negotiating your allowance and securing your lifestyle.


    Know exactly how to set the foundation of a mutually-benefiting relationship from Day #1.


    Get more of what you are getting in your relationship without fearing that your demands will annoy your Sugar Daddy or distance him


    Device your exit strategy by exactly knowing how to make the most of your Sugar Daddy’s financial generosity to become financially independent.


    While you’re imagining this scenario...


    Here’s the best part: I’ll hand-hold you all the way from where you are right now to ensuring your success in meeting your objective with your lifestyle, whatever that maybe.


    How to tell if my Decoder program is for you?


    If any of these ring true for you then you need this coaching package 100%:

    • You are dying to find your first Sugar Daddy (or get more from the one you have).
    • Wanting a simple plan to follow - but currently nothing is actually yielding results.
    • Want to stand out on a dating site and not get lost with the hordes of other Sugar Babies .
    • Want to ask for what you want… if only you could figure out what to say and how to say it.
    • Are dealing with a misunderstanding that’s depriving of your sleep and making you really anxious about your future.


    Release yourself from spending hours on Tumblr & Instagram-stalking; comparing yourself to everyone else.


    That stops here and now. No more obsessing over what other Sugar Babies are posting or what they are getting.


    Let me give you an experienced perspective to your problem.


    While you are still in the situation, you may be feeling a certain way about something you said or did (or what he did).


    Coming from a place of experience, I have dealt with several issues and while all men are different, the way their psychology works is the same.


    My focus is on decoding your Sugar Daddy’s mindset to help you with an approach. My strategies are not only based on my own experience but also on what’s worked for Sugar Babies I have worked with.


    This is perfect for you if...

    • you have a big obstacle or issue you want more time to go through with me,
    • you have a number of pressing questions around it that you want to ask me,
    • or want me to guide you through the process of implementing it to get you results.

    One phone call is never enough. That’s why you have access to me via email afterwards.


    I am happy to have as many back and forth emails as you need over a period of 30 days to answer ANY questions you have to address ANY obstacles you encounter along the way. Or till we’ve successfully weeded that issue out (whichever comes first).

  • Convinced? Excellent. Here’s what you have to do next:

    After working with me over a period of 30 days, you’ll never feel stuck or confused about your situation or next move. This investment has returns beyond monetary.

    Fill out a quick form (because I really want to know you to make sure I can help you).


    Request my availability (I’m limited to the number of people I can work with at a given time)!


    Make your payment, fill out your own Clarity Questionnaire, so that we can prep our 30-minute Strategy Call and get it scheduled.


    After your call, you’ll be able to have access to me for 30 days via email to send me as many back and forth emails as you need till we’ve successfully weeded that issue out (whichever comes first).


    Sugar Daddy Decoder: $497


    (Click Here to Request My Availability)

  • You helped me to avoid going down the wrong path, I couldn’t see.

    I was a dancer for over 6 years and wasn’t sure of what my next chapter was going to be. I thought this lifestyle would be an easy transition. It amazed me how she took the time to understand why I was going down this path with no judgements (I can’t even be open with my bestie).


    Taylor has been the best investment for me. She showed me opportunities where I felt as though I put myself in a box because of my life choices that I made. She gave me a new path. If you’re debating on getting this or any other of her services, and need advice, my advice is what are you waiting for? Go for it! It’s an investment that yields better returns. Bella

    I feel unstoppable!

    Having the combined insights about the needs of my ideal sugar daddy’s along with your customized positioning is invaluable! Seeing all the ideas laid out, I can see how these will help me attract who I am looking for, and specifically I will be able to initiate conversations with them and cultivate a relationship. I feel unstoppable as I no longer feel as though I will have to find the right sugar site to find him. Jennifer

    I feel ready and armed with what I am doing & how to go about it.

    Before Taylor I was feeling totally overwhelmed! I had all these ideas in my head of what my life was going to be like by becoming a sugar baby. The allowance sold me on this lifestyle. I was making plans of what I was going to be able to do with it when I had it. But I couldn’t figure out how I was going to make this work. Like how I was going to get someone to provide it. She got me focused, and helped me to understand what I was doing and how to go about it. It was like a fog was lifted and I can see clearly now. I feel ready and armed with what I am doing and how to go about it (like I’m already set up for success). If you are serious about this and want to unstuck yourself from to get you to that next level - this is for you! Valarie